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1 Thanks and Reputation of Point Features on Tue May 08, 2012 9:26 am

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    Forum Creative Designz Reputation systems have been upgraded and features Thanks.
    Creative Designz forum contains a lot of people who interact with each other. For a user is known by another user, usually the user have to do post a lot or gathering at the gathering.

    Sometimes that is known by users on the other, a lot of users by posting up to baseball who are willing to make the grade and post very short. Finally, the high number of posts that have not confirmed the positive reputation of the user.

    With good reputation, you will be more respected and known by another user. Continue to be respected if anything good? If you have a good reputation, everything you post will automatically be more readable to other users, and almost certainly will have an influence on the development of a thread. End you will feel comfortable in this forum because you can make a major contribution to this forum.

    Well, how does raising our reputation? We provide two features to give reputation. Both of these features are and (REPUTATION).

    Reputation Point is a forum Creative Designz digit numbers. Every time a user provides an add reputation, your reputation will increase in value according to the Reputation Reputation Power giver.

    Thanks button on each post there is the bottom right corner of a post. You'll see see the image at the bottom right. Try it you click. Before long, your name will appear under this thread as a sign that you are grateful to TS (thread starter, that is me) for a useful thread.

    With you to give , The reputation of a TS will increase. So if you want your reputation is high, you must often make a useful thread for all.

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